Placeme is an education and migration consultancy specialising in a wide range of services from selecting the best university to immigration options that are best suited to your career pathway. Established in 2008 as Sun Global Services, it is the brainchild of Solai Mani who believes that quality counselling and personalisation of service plays a vital role when students and migrants are selecting a destination that suits their needs. With extensive experience in international education counselling, having sent many people to study and work, Solai has also realised the need for additional services such as helping clients with quality English coaching if required; developing high-quality curriculum vitae and providing on-going support for students throughout their international study.

Placeme has a real sense of responsibility and commitment to you as you make decisions regarding where you want to study internationally.

Why choose us?

We have a high success rate

Placeme has a exceptional success rate in visa applications for student, migration and visitors. These are visa applications made for both students and working professionals. This high success rate is indicative of our in-depth understanding of the visa process and what is involved in submitting an application. This success rate also reflects the confidence the various country Immigration departments and educational institutions have in Placeme. We really are at the top of the game when it comes to preparing and submitting visas for our candidates!

We personalise your experience

When you discuss your International study requirements with one of our consultants you will have the benefit of personal interaction and attention throughout your time with us. A Placeme consultant will be assigned specifically to you - to keep in touch with you; to give you personalised advice on study destinations; to provide options and modifications to your plans and to keep you informed on the progress and status of your application.

We find you the right destination

Our excellent visa success rate is the result of a simple mantra: personalising our work with and for you. At Placeme our consultants will ensure that all information we process is as a result of verifiable information. We present this in such a way that immigration and other departmental officials involved in the process have complete confidence in the application we send to them on your behalf and therefore process your application expeditiously.

We care about the people we place

Solai and the Senior Management team regularly visit international destinations where our students are studying This allows us to fully understand what is happening around our students in terms of their study, their living and working conditions. We will meet with our students during our visit and set up alumni meetings where current students will have the opportunity to network with past students who are now living and working in the country. Visit our ‘events section’ for an updated list of the visits we have currently scheduled.

Our people


Managing Director

I have over 8 years experience in International Student recruitment for various countries around the world.

In 2008, I decided to develop the nascent student recruitment business,with a strong focus on innovate marketing strategies.

I believe that my strong analytical and leadership skills, coupled with my practical approach, enables me to communicate and work with students from different backgrounds and cultures. The local and global experience I now have gives me a rare dual perspective that gives both integrity and pragmatism to everything I do in the field of international student recruitment.


Solai Mani


I have been the CEO of placeme for 8 years where I have been able to increase my knowledge and experience in International student recruitment, counselling and career guidance. My focus has been on the New Zealand, Ireland and Australian educational market as a study destination for students. The experience I gained during tenure in Australia as a student and now as a Permanent Resident (PR of Australia) allows me to understand what it means to study and work internationally. This knowledge and experience is invaluable to the students that I council and who are considering international study.

I am also very keen to engage with the various Institutions for the benefit of Placeme students and the institutions concerned. To this end, I have been instrumental in developing several student exchange programmes between Indian Institutions and several Universities.

I strongly believe that International Education delivers extremely positive social and economic benefits for both the student and the country where the student is studying.

I am an Indian National, born in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu in 1980 and graduated from the University of Sydney in Computer Science.


John Cockburn

International Marketing Director

I have over thirty years experience in Senior Management roles in the NZ education sector including extensive experience in student recruitment and pastoral care both domestically and internationally. In recent years I have worked exclusively in International Marketing in S.E.Asia and India. This work involved developing effective marketing and recruitment strategies and aligning these to the broader political, economical and organisational objectives within the New Zealand education context. International marketing has allowed me to develop an in-depth knowledge of recruitment trends and challenges along with the issues and concerns prospective students and their parents face as an international education becomes a reality.


Rajitha Rajesh

Branch Manager

Hi There! I am Rajitha Rajesh. I have worked in International consulting with placeme from 2012. I have an MBA in Marketing and this helps me understand how to sell the skills of our candidates effectively.

I am in constant contact with the marketing and faculty departments of various colleges and institutions which gives me a clear understanding of their programmes. This helps me find the right programme for the individuals I counsel.

I enjoy the opportunity to provide information on programmes & admission requirements to institutions / Universities along with the student visas requirements to the individuals I interact with. Part of my work is keeping in touch with our current and past students that placeme have sent abroad to study. This allows me to help them resolve any questions or concerns they may have during their study.

I firmly believe that, at placeme, our trustworthy, highly professional services provides students with the best possible assistance for them to reach their study and career goals.


Srinivasan Rajendran

Senior Consultant

Hello everybody. I am Srinivasan, and I work as a consultant with Placeme. I joined the team in April of 2014, having worked in visa processing for over six years in the banking sector. My knowledge in banking and visa processing helps me assess the fastest, most hassle-free experience for our students at Placeme in terms of banking and visa processing. I have a very good understanding of the visa process, having been exclusively associated with it for the past three and a half years.

I believe “my task is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate desserts”. Education is a noble endeavour to be involved in and I subscribe to the philosophy of “strength-based education (SBE).


Aalin Gabbriela

Senior Consultant

I am relatively new to the field of international consulting, having worked with Placeme since the beginning of 2014. As the latest addition to the Placeme team, I have the advantage of seeing candidates in a slightly different light.

Counselling to me is understanding the potential of an individual, to understand their study and career requirements and then suggesting a range of suitable options the individual can choose according to their economic situation and career aspirations.